Jobs & Projects:
I consider myself a freelance fantasy illustrator, so if you have need for fantasy or imaginary based images, executed digitally to a highly detailed finish, I can be of assistance.

I've had over a years experience freelancing, and in this time have never missed a deadline and never put less than 100% into a project. I have a very strong work ethic, and will readily sacrifice my own time and expenses to ensure the client receives an illustration worthy of the cost.

I keep clients updated regularly on the progress of their assignment, and endeavor to touch base at least once a week, if not more. I know some illustrators drop off the map for weeks at a time while working. I also know this can be frustrating and a little worrying for clients, so don't do it myself.

Working process:
The working process I've found which most benefits me and the client is to have two revision stages - one at the sketch phase (I will send you a number [>3] of sketches, loosely filled out for decisions to be made), and one once the final painting is completed.

repeated requests & minor changes throughout the entire project when the image isn't fully rendered can inhibit the process rather than enforce it, as I'm forced to alter something which may not have been worked on to a large degree or may not be in its finished form.

To deliver the final image, I upload the full resolution image (CMYK .jpeg, RGB .png or layered .psd) to my personal Dropbox and e-mail you the link to download it. Attached to that e-mail (unless previously discussed) will also be my invoice.

I don't consider myself tied to a particular working rate, and generally go by what the project entails and estimated time it will take.

However, to help both me and you, if you get in touch with a budget already in mind that would be fantastic, as the first question I ask all inquiring clients is what their budget is.


I need to make a living, like everyone else, and will simply turn down any offer which expects me to work for free or doesn't come with a defined budget for Artwork. Sorry.


My preferred methods of contact are through E-Mail - - but all my websites (found by clicking the links on my homepage) have some form of messaging system, of which I will be notified, should contact be initiated through one of those, but please expect to continue the job with contact being made via e-mail.

I do not put my mobile(cell) number online, that form of contact is solely for clients who I meet in person.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~Jack Holliday